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A quick and easy site for finding your match in the African-American community is . A quick free registration only requires your name, age, zip, and e-mail. Based on your zip code it automatically determines your location and sets you up for people in that area. Once you’re registered and you begin your profile creation, you’ll go through a few pages of fill-in, covering your physical attributes (hair, eyes, best features, etc), lifestyle (smoking, drinking, religious and political views), as well as two write in sections: In My Own Words, which is an essay about you and your ideal match, and your Headline, the tag that other people see as your profile heading. With all of this information put in, you upload your photo next and then your profile is ready to be reviewed by the staff and then put onto the site. If you don’t have a photo on your computer, you can mail it into the site’s owners and they’ll load it onto your profile for you.

There is, of course, a slew of detailed profile fields to fill in. The first detailed section is pulled from selected questions, ranging topics like interracial dating and your aspirations. The next two sections are relatively self explanatory; the first is opinions on various international and national interests, while the second is a fave list ranging from places to be kissed all the way to various celebrities. The interests section covers any number of hobbies or things you could do, and the personality section is a series of sliding scales of various traits. The last section is lifestyle settings, another set of sliders covering various things like your sex drive, energy, and style of dress.

Searching on the website can be done in a number of ways. You can search based on an automatic personality mesh, based on location / age / and other features. Each time you get a search result back you’re given page after page with matching profiles, each complete with thumbnails and basic profile info on the search page, saving you from clicking on someone who’s finer details would be a turn off for you. In order to use the more ‘premium’ search features which let you go through each of the categories of the profile, you have to be a registered member with the site.

As a regular member of you’re able to read emails, see who’s viewed your profile, as well as receive and reply to IMs from other people on the site. With a paid account you get access to the improved search features as well as a few other of the more unique intrinsic characteristics of the site: you’re able to use email unlimitedly, including sending out messages, which you can’t do as a regular member. In addition to those abilities, you’re also able to initiate IM conversations with other members, see Personality Match Profiles, and you can not only do a Detailed Search but you have the ability to save any search you want. also has other features available for all of its members. For one, you can create a video profile straight from your webcam. There’s a webzine local to the site called Soul2Soul, which features various Q&A’s as well as a few tips for finding romance on the web. There’s also a travel and events tab accessible to all members which lets them know about upcoming contests or any specials they have running with partner websites.

All in all is a well constructed site that makes it easy to find just the person you’re looking for. With a ton of members and a lot of features available to any member, the site is a great place to meet the lad or lass of your dreams.

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